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"We will try to minimize the effect of each member’s absence to the group (BIGBANG) by managing the group flexibility later, when members enlist in order."
having a bombshell vibe is much more febelezzzz.


I have both vibes. Don’t test ma vibe mang, it’s too fab for some ppl.

what does its mean by a clover vibe? lol

Just being too fabulous… lol

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BIGBANG in MVs (Alive Era) + color palettes

But.... exchange gd for top xD im watching you jie 0.0

No I was blinded by gd’s various hairstyles until one day I said to myself. “This is not what I want. I dont need all that hairstyles. I just need a guy who likes to wear layers” Yup. Watch me~ /strikes a pose/ 

You have the vibe of clover lol do you ever thought about changing bias? Like bom not amused you anymore?

Never. I’m a loyal person fml (I’m a scorpio for god sake). Bom is forever amusing omg how dare youuuuu~ come here and let me smack the sense out of you.