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whats the anon on about? a photo of Bom? And also whats your opinion of how Bom's reflection time is like.. YG made it sound as though she was really in critical thinking mode, but in fact shes enjoying herself on stage during their concerts and stuff.. I just wanted to hear your opinion ^^ thanks!!

Ah nothing lol about a sexy photo of Bom hahaha… She’s definitely taking a break from any Korean activities but since the overseas schedules are previous planned, they can’t do anything but go ahead with it. Well YG is the king of media play so yeah… Ofc you need to enjoy yourself on stage lol the fans paid a lot to see them being bubbly and she loves to sing and perform in front of the fans, why not? :)

omg i cant even. its fine when cl and minji were wearing two piece but its inappropriate with bom. its like wte bom did was wrong and illegal.

Its actually not about how inappropriate bom was. The last time during her scandal came out the knews were going thru fansites photos and used them to write their nasty articles so that why now they are more careful with it. We tried not to make the photo goes viral bc it will be backfired to us fans and also to her.

Hopefully next year it will be back to normal.

I  hate  my  H A T E R S,  obviously.


"i don’t need to write that down, i’ll rememb—" 

do NOT

"At last year’s tour, I discovered all your love, so this year, I will send you all my love."
Daesung (D’slove in Yokohama) translated by mikan36 (via daesng)
bigbang in 50 yrs
GD: *strums guitar*
GD: anyway here's fantastic baby